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August 1, 2016

Residents: The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development updated home value limits and income limits for housing programs.

The Village Office has the updated handouts and paperwork for you if you wish to review. Please feel free to stop at the Village Office (M-F 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM) should you wish copies.

Or go to the Monroe County Website at: ( for updated program information that can be viewed and printed.

This program may help income eligible home-owners repair and revitalize their homes.

July 25, 2016 "Smoke Testing" for the Sanitary Sewer System

Dear Residents  and  Property Owners: The Village of Honeoye Falls Department of Public Works along with our engineering consultant, Chatfield Engineers, will be conducting "Smoke Testing" in the sanitary sewer system beginning Monday August 8, 2016 and concluding on Friday August 12, 2016. A non-toxic smoke will be blown  into the sewer system to  reveal  leaks that allow storm water and other surface waters to enter. Locating and correcting these leaks will conserve capacity in the sanitary sewer system.

The smoke is manufactured specifically for this purpose, leaves no residuals or stains, and has no effects on people, plants or animals.It has a distinctive, but not unpleasant, odor. The visible smoke and odor last only a few minutes, where there is adequate ventilation. The smoke should not enter your home. However, if smoke does enter your home, any of the following items are the probable cause.

  1. The vents connected to your building's sewer lateral are inadequate, defective, or improperly   installed.
  2. The traps under sinks, tubs, basins, showers, floor drains, etc. are dry, defective, improperly installed, or missing.
  3. The pipes, connections, and seals of the building's sewer system are damaged, defective, have plugs missing, or are improperly installed.

During the days prior to Monday August 8, 2016, pour about 1gallon of water down ALL drains in your home or building to ensure that traps are  full. If traces of the smoke or its odor enter your  house or  building, it is an  indication  that  odor  from  the  sewer  system  may also be entering. This can be unpleasant, dangerous, and a potential health  hazard. The  location,  identification, and correction  of the source of  any  smoke entering  your  house  is urgently advised. We can provide assistance in locating the source of smoke entering your house. However, correction of any defects in the pipes and sewer on private property is the responsibility of the owner.  If  smoke  is observed  in your  home and  the  source  is  not  readily  identified  or you  have any  questions,  please  call  David  Ford, Village  of  Honeoye  Falls  at (585) 624-3620, or Paul Chatfield, Chatfield Engineers, P.C. at (585)   227-6040.




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