[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Village of Honeoye Falls 4-26-1949. Amendments noted where applicable.]

Building Code administration and enforcement -- See Ch. 70.
Driveways -- See Ch. 82.
Subdivision of land -- See Ch. 161.
Zoning -- See Ch. 190.

§ 93-1. Open excavations prohibited.

No person, firm or corporation shall keep, maintain, create or permit to be kept, created or maintained upon any real property within the village limits of the Village of Honeoye Falls, New York, any open or abandoned well, pit, excavation or cellar likely to produce harm or injury to the person or property of himself or another.

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§ 93-2. Abatement of hazards.

Any and all such open or abandoned wells, pits, excavations or cellars now existing in said village shall be filled and/or properly guarded so as to prevent injury to the person or property of the owner of such property or another within thirty (30) days from the adoption of this chapter.

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§ 93-3. Stripping of topsoil. [Added 5-27-1968].

No person shall strip, excavate or otherwise remove topsoil, muck, marl or humus for sale or for use other than on the premises from which it may have been taken, except as a necessary part of a farm operation or the construction or alteration of a building or improvement on the premises for which a building permit has been issued, when the Building Inspector determines such soil is not required on the premises.

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§ 93-4. Penalties for offenses.EN

Any person violating this chapter shall be subject to a fine of not more than two hundred fifty dollars ($250.) or to imprisonment not exceeding fifteen (15) days, or to both such fine and imprisonment.

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