Chapter 190, ZONING


ARTICLE XVI, Transitional Provisions.

§ 190-153. Continuation of conditions.

The zoning established for the two parcels of land referred to in Subsections A, B and C below was adopted subject to certain conditions heretofore established by the Village Board of the Village of Honeoye Falls pursuant to the zoning ordinance then in effect. It is the intention of this Article to continue such conditions with the same force and effect that they would have had had this chapters not been adopted.

  1. The parcel of land hereinafter described is zoned SC: All that tract or parcel of land, situate in the Town of Mendon, County of Monroe, State of New York, bounded and described as follows: Beginning at a point in the westerly boundary of the Catholic Cemetery, said point being 177.0 feet, south 3° 13' west of the center line of West Main Street and continuing thence south 3° 13' west, 1,395.10 feet more or less to the south line of the Town of Mendon; thence north 81° 30' west along the Town of Mendon line, 463.28 feet; thence north 3° 13' east, 1,074.35 feet to an iron pipe; thence north 82° 53' east, 120 feet to an iron pipe; thence north 2° 51' east, 191.56 feet to a point; thence south 82° 53' east parallel with the center line of West Main Street and 177 feet southerly thereof, 351.32 feet to the point and place of beginning, comprising approximately 13.5 acres of land. The SC zoning of the premises described above shall terminate and such premises shall be zoned IP, their former zoning, unless the following conditions are met:
    1. The owner of premises shall shall prior to April 1, 1972, commence construction of buildings with permitted uses within the meaning of this chapter, such buildings to consist of not less than 15,000 square feet, to be built pursuant to application which shall be accompanied by proof that all utility services will be furnished to premises without cost to the Village.
    2. Nothing other than a supermarket having less than 20,000 square feet of occupied space shall be constructed on the premises until the owners of premises shall obtain approval from the Village Engineer of plans to extend sanitary sewers to the premises and shall file an adequate performance bond covering cost of such sewer extension and shall agree to dedicate extension of the sewer to the Village upon completion of the extension without cost to the Village.
  2. The parcel of land bearing Tax Account No. 165-730 is zoned RA.
  3. The RA zoning of the premises bearing Tax Account No. 165-730 shall terminate and such premises shall be zoned R-1, their former zoning, unless the following conditions are met:
    1. Prior to November 1, 1971, owners submit to this Board proof that they have filed with the Monroe County Clerk restrictions running with the land providing that:
      1. No structure on the land will have a rear yard less than 80 feet from the west property line or a side yard less than 70 feet from the west property line;
      2. All telephone and electrical lines will be installed underground;
      3. Each residential unit will have a garbage disposal, and there shall be attached to each structure a trash enclosure made of the same building facing material as used on the structure to which it is attached; and
      4. Plantings will be made and maintained along the west property line of trees or shrubs which are no less than three feet tall when installed and which will, when mature, form a solid screen. No certificate of occupancy for use of the premises other than as single-family residences shall be granted until there has been compliance with all of said restrictions.
    2. Prior to November 1, 1971, the owners shall have commenced the following improvements to the property and shall have furnished this Board with a performance bond in the amount of the cost of such improvements:
      1. The road running westerly from Quaker Meeting House Road, a distance of at least 300 feet with temporary a cul-de-sac at end, all in compliance with Village subdivision standards.
      2. Curb sidewalks along the road.
      3. Storm drains running southerly from Boughton Hill Road to the south property line, the northerly 450 feet of such drain to be covered.
      4. Surface drainage and rough grading of the entire parcel.

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