Chapter 190, ZONING


ARTICLE XVII, Procedure for Amendment

§ 190-154. Authorization.

The municipal legislative body may, from time to time, on its own motion or on petition or on recommendation of the Planning Board, amend, supplement or repeal the regulations and provisions of this chapter, including the Zoning Map, after public notice and hearing, in accordance with state law.

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§ 190-155. Petitions for amendments.

  1. Petitions for amendments shall be submitted in quadruplicate to the municipal clerk. [Amended 1-18-1973]
  2. Any petition for a change in the Zoning Map shall include the following:
    1. The name of the property owner.
    2. A map accurately drawn to an appropriate scale, showing the proposed zone district boundary changes, property lines, the calculated areas affected in acres or square feet, the street rights-of-way in the immediate vicinity and the lands and names of owners immediately adjacent to and extending within 100 feet of all boundaries of the property to be rezoned.
    3. A metes and bounds description of the proposed amendment

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§ 190-156. Public hearing.

The municipal legislative body, by resolution adopted at a stated meeting, shall fix the time and place of a public hearing on the proposed amendments and cause notice to be given.

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§ 190-157. Reference to other agencies.

  1. Every such proposed amendment or change, whether initiated by the municipal legislative body or by petition, shall be referred to the Planning Board for report before the public hearing is held thereon.
  2. Proposed amendments that must be referred to the Monroe County Planning Council under the provisions of § 239-m of Article 12-B of the General Municipal Law shall be transmitted as soon as possible and in any case prior to the public hearing.
  3. The municipal legislative body shall reserve decision on all zoning amendments or changes that must be referred to the Monroe County Planning Council until its report has been presented, provided that such report is presented within a period of 30 days after the Monroe County Planning Council receives such referral.

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§ 190-158. Public notice.

The municipal legislative body may require a petitioner to give additional forms of public notice or notice to adjacent property owners.

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§ 190-159. Posting of premises after amendment; filing of survey.

Upon adoption of a change in the Zoning Map pursuant to a petition, the petitioner shall cause a monument to be placed at one location on the property's street frontage and shall also file with the Village Clerk and the Building Inspector,copies of an accurate survey description and drawing of the area affected by such amendment.

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