Public Works Department

Highway Division

100 Ulrich Ln
Honoeye Falls, NY 14472

David Ford, Superintendent of Public Works
Cell: 303-4901




Leaf Pickup

This service begins in October and continues until Thanksgiving. Village DPW staff vacuum the leaves that are raked to the front of each resident's property. We offer these tips to help for timely removal:

  • Rake in a row parallel with the road. Large piles are more time consuming to vacuum then a lower row, especially when wet.
  • Please keep the leaves in the grassy area in front of your home and don′t rake into the road. When they are in the road they impede the storm water drainage patterns and clog catch basins.
  • Brush pickup ended in September, please don′t mix brush with the leaves.(see brush pickup)
  • Garden and yard waste clogs the vacuum and is not picked up. We have a compost pile available for you to bring grass clippings, flowers, etc., at the DPW facilities.
  • Leaf pickup is not done in the spring. If you still have leaves to dispose of in the fall/spring you may bring to the compost pile at the DPW Facilities.

    Brush Pickup

    This service begins the 1st week of May and continues weekly through the 2nd week of September. Village DPW staff will pickup resident′s brush at the roadside if the following rules are observed:

  • Brush must be generated by the homeowner not a tree service or contractor.
  • Entire trees are not brush and are not picked up.
  • Brush and limbs must be a maximum of 4-5 foot long and no more then 4 inches in diameter.
  • Pile brush parallel to the road in front of your property.
  • If you have brush to get rid of from October through April you may bring to the Town Of Mendon Highway Facility (624-6068) on Semmell Rd. The Village and Town share in brush piling and grinding for efficiency.