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HF-M Seniors Annual Pancake Run!

The Honeoye Falls-Mendon Senior Citizens Activities Group will sponsor its annual Pancake Run to Cartwright's Maple Tree Inn on Thursday, March 8th, 2018.

A bus will leave the Mendon Community Center, 167 North Main Street, heading toward Cartwright's for their famous Buckwheat Pancakes, at 9:00 a.m. sharp, and return around 12:30. YOUR cost per person is $8.00 for all the buckwheat pancakes you can eat, plus a sausage patty and slice of ham, and coffee or juice.

For reservations, call Ray Milne at (585) 624-4133 by Monday, March 5, 2018.

The Honeoye Falls Community Garden

The Honeoye Falls Community Garden
is now accepting applications for the 2018
Family friendly, the community garden will be open starting April 30th.
Do you love to garden but do not have the space?
Do you want to garden but have no experience?
Do you want to try growing organically for the first time?
We can help out!
For $25 you and your family can have a 10’x15’ plot in the community garden. The garden is
located in Clover Meadows Park on the corner of Cheese Factory Road and Rte 65. Our garden is
organic with a free watering system and an electric fence. We would love to see new families,
friends and faces!
Applications can be picked up at the Village Offices located at
5 East St, Honeoye Falls, NY 14472
Applications must be received by March 31st.
For more information please contact:
Wendy Horn, Community Garden Manager -

Breaking Out of Winter and Gearing Up for Spring

Monroe County Soil & Water Conservation District Launches
2018 Conservation Tree & Shrub Program

Winter has arrived and spring will be knocking at your front door before you know it! To help you prepare for spring, the Monroe County Soil and Water Conservation District has released their Conservation Tree and Shrub species list for the spring of 2018. The District has been hosting this annual program for more than 41 years with more than 116, 760 trees, shrubs, and plants being distributed in the last 5 years alone!
The District is helping communities green up the environment. Property owners will have the opportunity to pre-order more than 42 different species of bare-root conifers, hardwood trees, shrubs, wildflowers and groundcovers, as well as seed mixes and other products used for conservation projects at dirt-cheap prices. We have packages of all shapes and sizes, ranging from a bundle of 10 plants for as low as $11, to bundles of 100 plants for as low as $70. We are excited to offer an edible fruit pack so landowners can grow strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and two varieties of blueberry plants for attracting wildlife! Native species new to our program this year are Witchhazel, Gray Dogwood, American Hazelnut and Eastern Sweetshrub. Check out all the benefits of these and our other selections by visiting our website catalog found at:
“By planting trees and shrubs you improve both the aesthetics of your land or backyard and the quality of our environment,” said Karen Ervay, Program Coordinator. “Trees, shrubs and plants help with erosion control, soak up water, help with stormwater runoff and nutrient uptake, as well as improve wildlife habitat,” she explained. They can also assist in keeping your home cool in the summer and break cold winds during our harsh winters all while increasing your property value too!
The Conservation Tree & Shrub Program is a pre-order program with a deadline for ordering on March 2, 2018. We have a limited availability for plant stock so in order to ensure we can meet your needs, please order early! The distribution of the plant material will occur at the Monroe County ecopark on April 19-20, 2018 from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. We will also hold a first come, first serve overstock sale on April 21, 2018 from 9:00-11:00 a.m. for individuals that miss the pre-ordering deadline.
Those interested in this program can find the order form and our full color catalog on the District’s website: If you have any questions or you’d like a form sent to you, contact the Monroe County Soil & Water Conservation District at: (585) 753-7380, Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Monroe County Soil and Water Conservation District
145 Paul Road, Bldg. 5, Rochester, NY 14624
Phone: (585) 753-7380  Fax: (585) 753-7374

QUESTIONS: or 585-753-7380 for details

Curbside Composting: Are you interested?

The National Honor Society will be going door-to-door in Honeoye Falls the week of January 8th with a survey regarding your interest in Curbside Composting. The idea for Curbside Composting was brought up by a passionate villager and a senior at the Honeoye Falls-Lima High School who is pursuing this program with the Village’s blessing. This survey will be short and non-binding, but will be incredibly useful for the village in determining the potential for a curbside composting pick-up. This survey will also be available as a Survey Monkey©, available on the Village of Honeoye Falls Facebook Page.
What is curbside composting?
Curbside composting is a waste pick-up process that is similar to that of your landfill and recyclable wastes at home. Once every week, you will place your designated bucket of compostable materials (fruit scraps, vegetable scraps, breads, coffee grounds, grains and other organic materials) out with your recycling and garbage. These food wastes will be picked up by the village, through either a volunteer network run by villagers, or the Department of Public Works. These organic materials will be brought to a composting site. The current proposal has the site at the DPW facility off of Maplewood Ave. where the materials from the leaf and brush pick-up are deposited for decomposition.
Why should you buy in to curbside composting?
This pick-up will allow village residents (you) to reduce the amount of waste sent to the landfill, therefore reducing their impact on the vulnerable environment. The difference between the impact of wastes at the landfill and in a compost pile is stark. At the landfill food wastes produce methane (20x more harmful than CO2) and toxic runoff called leachate. In a compost pile, food wastes retain their nutrients and water, and turn into a helpful garden aid. The compost produced from the curbside composting wastes will be made available to the community for use in gardens and around trees. When mature, compost is a nutritious soil that helps maintain a stable level of nutrients in the garden ecosystem.
How much will the investment cost?
The cost of the pick-up has not yet been determined. The interest of the community members in both the use of the pick-up service and volunteer efforts to make the pick-up volunteer-run will help reduce the cost of the service. A similar service, serving the Rochester area, has found great success with the model, and is charging between $20/month and $30/month for a weekly service. In the village we are looking to reflect that cost, which will pay itself back in reduced volumes of landfill wastes produced [and put in your garbage tote each week] and incredible environmental benefits.
How can you help make this happen?
Look for National Honor Society students from the Honeoye Falls-Lima High School the week of the 8th, and be sure to let them know you are interested. Commitment levels will vary, but all participants are welcome. Additionally, if you would like to become involved, but are already composting at home or cannot invest in the services at this time, you can demonstrate interest in volunteering for the program, which will help the village initiate the program with speed and open arms. If you will not be in the village the week of the 8th, be sure to fill out the online survey at, which can also be found on the Village of Honeoye Falls Facebook page! All survey results need to be submitted by the end of the month (Jan. 31st).

Village of Honeoye Falls and K&H Precision Products, Inc.

Recently, there have been discussions and concerns stemming from odors coming from the foundry site at K&H Manufacturing on Norton & High Streets in the Village. 
Residents have contacted this office to voice their concern and questions and we thank you for doing so. 
K&H, founded in 1985, is a strong community advocate and essential business within our Village community.   Fabrication and Casting of prototype molded products from concept and design to prototype and small run production is their niche.
In 2017 K&H opened their new facility on High Street, repurposing an existing building in addition to their Norton Street location and thus continuing their commitment to being in Honeoye Falls instead of moving to another site. 
Their foundry process currently utilizes an aromatic petroleum based material in the forming of the molds they produce.  During the manufacturing process, this aromatic material emits an odor that with prevailing winds and down-drafts can impact on the surrounding area.  This concern was brought to the attention of the K&H management team and they have immediately developed a proactive plan to essentially eliminate the odor.  Working with their supplier of the aromatic material, K&H will bring in a new material to replace the current one.   The new material is expected to have little to no odor emitted during this process.  Full testing will confirm this one way or another. 
It’s important to note that the odor that is emitted through the casting process that utilizes the aromatic material, while unpleasant, is not harmful to the environment or to the residents of our community.  K&H Precision Products has met and continues to meet all their environmental impact requirements, and this will continue to be reviewed. 
K&H is also working to change some of their production process overall to aid in eliminating this concern.  While these changes will take upwards of 1-2 months to initiate, the process to move this forward has begun. 
I appreciate the cooperation and partnership that K&H Precision Products brings to the table both in their commitment to having their business in Honeoye Falls as well as to addressing this concern. 

Richard B. Milne, Mayor
Honeoye Falls

October 21, 2016

STREET LIGHT OUT? Here is a link to National Grids website to report online. Copy and Paste this link to your browser.