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Office of the Mayor - Richard B. Milne

January 25, 2017

While it has been a while since we’ve published an article in the Sentinel, that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy.  Our Village Administrator (Brian Anderson) and Highway Foreman (David Ford) have continued to work with our Engineering Team from Chatfield Engineers preparing for out next major project at the waste water treatment plant (WWTP).  This project has been “in the works” for a couple years now and will be completed in 2017.  While this project will be detailed in another upcoming article, basically it’s a project that brings the WWTP up to new standards for the treatment of discharge coming from the plant.  This major upgrade is being funded mostly with a grant awarded in 2015. 

Along with the aforementioned project we continue to look at other areas of concern.  Our recent request for state funding for our Village Hall auditorium project was unfortunately denied.  This request was for funding which is necessary to move this project forward and was requested through a State Historical Grant via the regional economic development council.  Efforts will continue working to bring this historical venue back to a useful purpose for our community and for visitors. I believe that it fits within the scope of what the economic development councils intend to promote within the Finger Lakes region. 

Another project moving forward in 2017 is the remount project of Ambulance 5629 which is over a year behind schedule. This project entails a complete overhaul of the existing ambulance box, attaching it to a new chassis/under-carriage.  This will reduce cost to our community as compared to purchasing a “new” ambulance.  (We appreciate the HFMVA working with us on this project).  Purchasing and installing security cameras in some of our park areas will also be underway as vandalism continues to be a concern. We wish we didn’t have to consider this, however the Village Board feels it’s the right thing to do to discourage some of the poor behavior and vandalism in our parks. 

I also would like to thank those residents that have come to some of our recent board meetings and shared their thoughts and asked questions regarding various issues.  I welcome and encourage more community involvement.  I have been asked by many if I plan to run for the position of Mayor again and in all honesty that was not an easy question to answer.  I have been honored to serve on the village board for the past 17 – years, the last 12 as mayor.  We also have village trustees that have served for as many years (or more) than me.   Serving as Mayor has been an incredible experience and I do plan to run for one more term.  A major focus for me is going to get new people involved.  We need to begin the process to transition to others who want to serve this community and who can look forward and still maintain our important village history. 

While we may not always agree on a path forward, I truly believe if you want what is best for the community and are willing to work as a team and understand that it is possible to maintain history yet still have positive progress, success will come. 

I also want to stress the importance of getting involved and learning about the inner-workings of municipal government.  We (government) are often bound by various state laws as well as village laws that we must follow.  We are also often hindered by unfunded mandates and a governor who in my opinion is doing everything he can to eliminate small municipalities.  He (the governor) continually states that our villages and towns are the source of our high NY State property taxes and that we are wasteful and aren’t doing enough to cut spending.  This simply is not true, through NYCOM (New York State Conference of Mayors) we have provided examples of thousands of cost savings plans that villages, towns and school districts partner in across the state. Locally we continue to look for additional savings.  Just this month the village and HFL School District, together, developed a plan to have the some of the equipment maintenance for the village vehicles performed by the school transportation department.  This is expected to provide a cost savings to the village and positive influx of work for the district transportation department as well. 

In closing, please consider getting involved. Consider serving on one of our committees as openings come up.  Consider coming to more of our Village Board meetings and learning about the work the village staff does, the work or board does and then consider running for election in the future.   Our community needs people to step up, we need people to consider getting involved; but equally important, we need people to get involved after they learn a little about the time commitment and the real importance of what they are getting in to. 

Please don’t hesitate to email me directly (mayor@villageofhoneoyefalls.org) or leave a message for me at the Village Office (585-624-1711).  I’m always happy to talk about this community.  I’m happy to share my experiences and answer questions. 


November 28, 2016

Village Residential Leaf Pick-Up: The Village Highway/DPW staff will continue with (Leaf Pick-up) this week as a result of the snow storm prior to the Thanksgiving holiday. Village crews will be working to get all leaf piles picked up through (Wednesday, December 7th). No leaf piles will be picked up after 3:00 PM December 7th and disposal will be the responsibility of the homeowner after that date.

It is also important to remind our residents that we (do NOT) pick up leafs in the spring. If you have more leafs in the spring to clean up, it will be the responsibility of the home owner to dispose of.


November 18, 2016

Honeoye Falls and surrounding community residents/friends: Tonight (Friday 11-18) beginning at 7:00 PM is the Honeoye Falls Fire Department's Annual (Turkey Raffle). For those not traveling to hunting camp or on vacation for the (Thanksgiving Week); the event is an absolute blast! It's normally packed with people having a great time supporting the HFFD and trying to win a frozen turkey or some other prize.

If you are around the Honeoye Falls area tonight, come out and enjoy the event while supporting the HFFD at the same time!

January 29, 2016

Dear Friends:

This coming Saturday evening (1/30/16) from 7:00 PM – 12:00 AM there will be a fund raiser in support of Austin Blodgett. Austin is a student in the HFL District and lives in Lima. Austin was diagnosed with Alagille Syndrome which is a rare, inherited disorder which is very hard to treat. Please see the advertisement below for details. This community has always shown its support for those in need. Let's do it again and support this cause and support Austin Blodgett and his family. Let's show once again that our community cares and helps one another when needed.

Rick Milne, Mayor
Village of Honeoye Falls