Harry Allen Park ca. 1825


At this location you will find the Boy Scout House and the Historical Society Schoolhouse. The Village of Honeoye Falls owns this property, which was donated by pioneer physician Dr. Harry Allen to be used for educational purposes.

The first building on this site was a brick, two-room schoolhouse built in 1826. One-half of the school was used as a "district" or free school and the other half served as a "select" or private school. In 1855 the Honeoye Falls Union Free School was erected on this site. It was enlarged in 1896 and renamed the Honeoye Falls High School. It was vacated after 1927-1928 school year and razed in 1931. After removal of that 1879 school building, Harry Allen Park became a popular spot for band concerts. A bandstand stood in the center of the park from 1934 to 1975. Today the park features a gazebo built in 1988.

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